Group LED Screens offers you the following tailored services :


Thanks to our team of engineers and developers in the LED technology and its multiple applications, Group LED Screens is constantly at the forefront of the industry (mechanics, electronics and design). This helps us to provide our customers with high-reliability devices. Group LED Screens is dedicated to the LED technology in all its forms, from small-format devices to the giant screens and the creative LED curtain.

Manufacturing & Sale

Modern factory, productive assembly line and high quality in every detail – Group LED Screens produces the components of LED screens and many other equipment using the latest LED technology. We also build trusted partnerships with reliable international suppliers. The group is based in France and sells all over the world. This website is our showcase to reach our international clients. Our retailers and distributors network allows us to stay in permanent contact with the clients.

Installation & After Sales Service

Our retailers and distributors network ensures the installation of the equipment. The staff is qualified to deliver, install and maintain the LED technology, providing the customer with an efficient assistance at every step of the use of the product. Group LED Screens has set up a permanent telephone service (24/7). The teams react as soon as possible under and out of warranty to repair or replace a screen, a wall mount display or any other equipment.


Short and long-term rentals of our high-quality LED devices are possible thanks to our partnerships with financial institutions. The customer can appeal to this advantageous solution for an event of a few hours or days or to check the compatibility of the product with the required functions. The rental requests are considered in accordance with the financial institutions.