Tailored digital products for optimal communication

Wall mount digital billboards

Communicate in the most optimal way using images, text or videos and expanding the efficiency of the classic advertising. Get an excellent visibility and quality in any conditions up to 100,000 hours!

Giant rooftop displays

Be seen by showing your ad message from the rooftops! The outstanding image quality thanks to the LED technology and the static or dynamic display will guarantee the best visibility in the city.

Roadside LED screens

Efficient way to communicate from the best street locations for any type of your message! The LED technology will be performant at any lighting and weather conditions.

Shop window LED display

Optimize your communication at the shop-window and convince the clients to enter your store! Perfect quality of any type of your message.

Indoor store LED display

Bring your store to the digital level with high-quality static or dynamic display! Group LED Screens will find the best LED solution for any space of your store, but also your design and budget.

Entertainment place LED display

Increase the ambience attractiveness by the LED technology introducing! Whatever is your organization – cinema, museum, nightclub or something else, improve your place by showing entertainment images and videos.

Passageway LED display

Show the most attractive advertising messages in the airports, railway stations and shopping malls with the Group LED screens digital products! High-quality image, static or dynamic displays will surely catch the attention of the passersby!

Videoconference equipment

High-quality visual support for a meeting, conference, seminar and other business events. Improve the communication using the LED screen making the speaker seen by everybody!

Creative installation

Far from the standard LED screen formats, Group LED Screens also offers many support products: from communicative devices to LED flexible curtain. Everything is designed to adapt to the creativity of the ad and message.

Mobile wall mount LED screens

Install, remove and carry easily these screen modules. They can be used for any type of your message, both inside and outside, at the concerts, presentations, etc.

Stadium LED screens

Show the live-score and game replays on the giant screen at the stadium! The spectators will enjoy the high-quality image thanks to the LED technology. The perimeter LED screen displays will be an amazing support for advertising messages.

Public place LED screens

Group LED Screens thinks about the comfort and security of citizens. That is why we have developed the road and motorway LED screens, but also informational municipal stands. We guarantee an exceptional visibility and high quality of messages on these displays.