Illuminated sign, a strategic choice for your establishment?

If there is a subject that marketing specialists have studied and exploited, it is the impact of visual brand identity on the customer. And to retain his attention, all shots are allowed: creative advertising, catchy slogan and powerful communication. Among the means used, a specialist can also bring into play methods which are, at first glance, less shattering but equally effective. Did you know that your store layout optimization can have a direct impact on the customer? As well as the installation of an outdoor display panel, to attract more and more passers-by …

Why is it worth using LED panels to promote your establishment? Group LED Screens explains you everything!

Un écran LED très proche.

Make your establishment more visible

To make your brand visible, you should implement a communication strategy in accordance with the range of products or services you offer. Never forget that the commercial sign embodies the image of your company. This is what the customer sees first and which can arouse his curiosity. To have the opportunity to convince him to consume, it is necessary to make him want to enter your store… Hence, the importance of an effective and dynamic LED sign!

For good external visibility, there is nothing better than eye-catching outdoor LED sign. Even if passers-by do not need your products or services immediately, they will have noticed your establishment and will be able to remind of it in case of need.

A means of interactive communication

Since their generalization, the LED lamps are used today in many forms: strip lights, LED letters, illuminated panels, screens or walls of varied sizes and colors. They can also communicate with the customer interactively. For instance, you can use a screen to broadcast messages about your current promotional offers. This is what pharmacies have been already doing for many years by displaying on LED panels useful information, such as current local time, date or temperature.

Outdoor signage is once again the way to tell passers-by what they can find in your store. You will always catch their attention and will also stand out from the competition. Moreover, your messages will be visible both day and night.

The benefits of a LED light panel

The first quality of LED lighting, is the customization of your illuminated (LED) signs. Today, there are a multitude of possible choices that will allow your establishment to benefit from a unique and modern visual identity. Ecologically, the LED bulb is less harmful than neon one and poses no risk to health. It has a much longer life than any other lamp and optimal lighting performance both indoors and outdoors. Apart from saving energy, it is noticed that their price has been falling for some time. Maintenance is also less expensive.

Group LED Screens products

For all types of businesses and uses, Group LED Screens offers you a multitude of products ranging from simple tailored LED panels to interactive advertising displays of any size. We also manufacture LED screens to install inside or outside your establishment, as well as LED displays for showcase. In short, you will find here a professional solution to enhance your brand and communicate effectively about your products, with high-quality and fully optimized equipment! And for those who like to see things on a large scale, we also have giant LED screens perfectly adapted to equip a stadium or a concert hall. Feel free to browse our website and contact us via web form for any additional information.

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  1. Awesome article! Great place for newbies and for marketers catching up on advertising strategy updates. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Un bellissimo articolo che disegna perfettamente l’utilità e l’importanza degli schermi a led.
    Sperando che i proprietari dei negozi siano della stessa opinione e decideranno di passare al “digitale”.

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